Clickbait – Series Review

During the Coronavirus, we are switching our focus to streaming entertainment. This includes Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, AppleTV, HBO and Showtime. It’s all about keeping you and yours safe.

In this episode of He Said, She Said Movie Reviews, your hosts, April and Tim take a look at the series Clickbait. A thought provoking look at the perils of social media and the power of the internet.

Streaming Service: Netflix

Creators: Tony Ayres & Christian White

Writers: Tony Ayres & Christian White

Staring: Zoe Kazan, Betty Gabriel, Phoenix Raei, Adrian Grenier, Camaron Engels, Jaylin Fletcher, Ian Meadows & Elizabeth Alexander

Runtime: 368 minutes over 8 episodes

Rated: TV-MA for language, some violence and some sexual content including brief sexuality

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